Edwar J Pozo

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Severe malaria caused by Plasmodium vivax is no longer considered rare. To describe its clinical features, we performed a retrospective case control study in the subregion of Luciano Castillo Colonna, Piura, Peru, an area with nearly exclusive vivax malaria transmission. Severe cases and the subset of critically ill cases were compared with a random set of(More)
OBJECTIVES To establish the existence of concurrent infections by different dengue virus (DENV) serotypes in an outbreak in the Northwestern in Peru during 2008. MATERIAL AND METHODS 73 serum samples from patients with dengue were analyzed during an outbreak that occurred in Northwestern in Peru between May and June 2008. Molecular biology techniques were(More)
Domestic farm animals (n=145) were sampled for the presence of ectoparasites in northwestern Peru during March, 2008. Ninety domestic animals (62%) were positive for the presence of an ectoparasite(s) and produced a total collection of the following: 728 ticks [Amblyomma maculatum, Anocentor nitens, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus, Rhipicephalus(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore opinions and beliefs about risky sexual behavior and HIH transmission in tow hospital of Piura. MATERIAL AND METHODS Qualitative study based on extensive interviews and focus groups of people over 15 years old of age living with HIV. Interviews were recorded as audio, and then transcribed as text in MS Word. Information was analyzed(More)
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