Edvins Miklashevichs

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ENOD40 is expressed at an early stage in root nodule organogenesis in legumes. Identification of ENOD40 homologs in nonleguminous plants suggests that this gene may have a more general biological function. In vitro translation of soybean ENOD40 mRNA in wheat germ extracts revealed that the conserved nucleotide sequence at the 5' end (region I) encodes two(More)
Activation T-DNA tagging has been used to generate a variety of tobacco cell lines selected by their ability to grow either in the absence of auxin or cytokinin in the culture media, or under selective levels of an inhibitor of polyamine biosynthesis. The majority of the cell lines studied in detail contain single T-DNA inserts genetically co-segregating(More)
Activation T-DNA tagging was used to generate four cytokinin-independent (cyi1-4) tobacco cell lines. Plants regenerated from the mutant lines displayed similar phenotypes: reduced apical dominance, poorly developed roots, delayed growth and flowering, and male and female sterility. Tissue culture experiments demonstrated that the mutations in the different(More)
Several cultures producing extracellular cytokinins were found. The physico-chemical properties of purine compounds isolated from the cultural broth of Pseudomonas stutzeri 136 were studied by chromatography on a Sephadex LH-20 column and by thin-layer chromatography on Silufol plates as well as by UV spectrometry. The cytokinin activity of the purine(More)
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