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The Scandinavian Odor-Identification Test (SOIT) was developed to address the need for a culturally valid odor-identification test for clinical use on the Scandinavian population that (i) has good ability to generalize performance to olfactory status, (ii) assesses olfactory and trigeminal function separately, (iii) requires only limited cognitive demands,(More)
Results from the present study suggest that magnitude estimation of odor annoyance shows acceptable reliability and that it generates stable individual psychophysical power functions with relatively similar exponent sizes between subjects. Introduction Psychophysical approaches have been demonstrated as valid and applicable to a wide range of issues(More)
The aim was to develop and evaluate a seven-point category scale, called the Environmental Annoyance Scale (EAS), with semantic descriptors and ratio-scale properties. Six studies were conducted that involved ratings of perceived magnitude of descriptors, selection of seven descriptors with semantic coherency, and ratings of various environmental issues.(More)
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