Eduviges Glenda Borroto-Fernández

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Attempts to conserve and utilise autochthonous grapevine germplasm in modern breeding programmes, are sometimes faced with the challenge that virus-free plants of old grapevine varieties and clones are hard to find. From 50 year-old vineyards in Frankonia the Vitis vinifera cv. Domina was selected showing particularly interesting loose-bunch architecture(More)
Endogenous pararetroviral sequences (EPRVs) are a recently discovered class of repetitive sequences that is broadly distributed in the plant kingdom. The potential contribution of EPRVs to plant pathogenicity or, conversely, to virus resistance is just beginning to be explored. Some members of the family Solanaceae are particularly rich in EPRVs. In(More)
Calcium-binding proteins and pathogenesis-related (PR) proteins are crucial components of the inducible repertoire of plant stress and defence. Considering the important role played by calmodulin (CaM) and lipid transfer protein (LTP) in mediating plant signal transduction, the present study investigated the expression of Ltp and CaM genes in Prunus incisa(More)
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