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For geographical and historical reasons, Spain is receiving an increasing number of immigrants. The aim of this study was to evaluate some epidemiological aspects and the main public health issues of communicable diseases in Barcelona's immigrant population. From 2001 to 2004, a population of immigrants from tropical, subtropical regions and Eastern Europe(More)
Flowers of tobacco transformed with an unedited copy of the mitochondrial atp9 gene sequence fused to the yeast coxIV mitochondrial targeting presequence, showed several anther abnormalities leading to pollen abortion. The gene was expressed in vegetative and reproductive tissues of the plant. Cytological analysis revealed that tapetum development was(More)
Through the immunoperoxidase method using antibody 19-9, we demonstrated the presence of gastrointestinal cancer-associated antigen (GICA) in normal gastrointestinal and endocervical mucosae and in benign mucinous ovarian cysts of pure endocervical type in Le(a+b-) and Le(a-b+) patients exclusively. However, GICA was more quantitatively expressed in(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the factors associated with sexual risk behavior in adolescent girls and boys in order to plan future school health interventions. METHODS A cross-sectional study with two-stage cluster sampling that included 97 schools and 9,340 students aged between 14 and 16 years old was carried out in 2005-2006 in Catalonia (Spain). For the(More)
BACKGROUND Influenza vaccines are recommended for administration by the intramuscular route. However, many physicians use the subcutaneous route for patients receiving an oral anticoagulant because this route is thought to induce fewer hemorrhagic side effects. Our aim is to assess the safety of intramuscular administration of influenza vaccine in patients(More)
We have previously shown that the expression of an unedited atp9 chimeric gene correlated with male-sterile phenotype in transgenic tobacco plant. To study the relationship between the expression of chimeric gene and the male-sterile trait, hemizygous and homozygous transgenic tobacco lines expressing the antisense atp9 RNA were constructed. The antisense(More)
OBJECTIVE To find the effectiveness of diagnoses of acute precordial pain seen as an emergency at our centre. DESIGN Observational, descriptive and retrospective study. SETTING Urban primary care centre. PATIENTS The 100 most recent patients who attended as an emergency with their first episode of acute precordial pain were included. STUDY PERIOD(More)
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