Edurne Barrenechea Tartas

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In this paper, we study in-depth certain properties of interval-valued fuzzy sets and Atanassov’s intuitionistic fuzzy sets (A-IFSs). In particular, we study the manner in which to construct different interval-valued fuzzy connectives (or Atanassov’s intuitionistic fuzzy connectives) starting from an operator. We further study the law of contradiction and(More)
Classification with imbalanced data-sets has become one of the most challenging problems in Data Mining. Being one class much more represented than the other produces undesirable effects in both the learning and classification processes, mainly regarding the minority class. Such a problem needs accurate tools to be undertaken; lately, ensembles of(More) 0950-7051/ 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. ⇑ Corresponding author. Tel.: +34 948 166048; fax: +34 948 168924. E-mail addresses: (M. Galar), (J. Derrac), (D. Peralta), (I. Triguero),(More)
Classifier learning with data-sets that suffer from imbalanced class distributions is a challenging problem in data mining community. This issue occurs when the number of examples that represent one class is much lower than the ones of the other classes. Its presence in many real-world applications has brought along a growth of attention from researchers.(More)