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Arginase isolated from beef liver was covalently attached to a polyacrylamide bead support bearing carboxylic groups activated by a water-soluble carbodiimide. The most favorable carbodiimide was N-cyclohexyl-N'-(methyl-2-p-nitrophenyl-2-oxoethyl) aminopropyl carbodiimide methyl bromide, but for practical purposes, N-cyclohexyl-N'-morpholinoethyl(More)
The color rendition ad hoc team of INCITS W1.1 is working to address issues related to color and tone reproduction for printed output and its perceptual impact on color image quality. The scope of the work includes accuracy of specified colors with emphasis on memory colors, color gamut, and the effective use of tone levels, including issues related to(More)
Pig pancreas carboxypeptidase B has been immobilized by covalent attachment to a polyacrylamide-type bead support possessing carboxylic functional groups activated by water-soluble carbodiimide. The optimum conditions of immobilization were determined. The activation of the support and the coupling reaction were performed in 0.1 M sodium citrate/sodium(More)
Carboxypeptidase B was isolated from porcine pancreas by selective heat treatment of the autolyzed tissue at 60 degrees C and pH 6.0 the presence of phosphate ions. The heat treatment was followed by ammonium sulfate fractionation and ion-exchange in a batch system. The method could also be used for the isolation of carboxypeptidase B from beef pancreas.
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