Eduardo de la Vega

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The internalization of public stigma by persons with serious mental illnesses may lead to self-stigma, which harms self-esteem, self-efficacy, and empowerment. Previous research has evaluated a hierarchical model that distinguishes among stereotype awareness, agreement, application to self, and harm to self with the 40-item Self-Stigma of Mental Illness(More)
The use of wood in construction has had a long history and Chile has a rich cultural heritage of using native woods for building churches and other important structures. In 2000, UNESCO designated a number of the historic churches of Chiloé, built entirely of native woods, as World Heritage Sites. These unique churches were built in the late 1700 s and(More)
OBJECTIVE A major public health priority has been to eliminate stigma's egregious effects on life opportunities for people with mental illnesses. Research shows contact-based antistigma programs are among the most effective. Such findings call for clarity to define the components of consumer-directed antistigma programs. This article represents(More)
OBJECTIVE Contact-based antistigma programs seemingly have a larger and more sustained impact than educational strategies. Previous qualitative research of advocates with lived experiences yielded 32 key ingredients of contact-based programs comprising 5 categories. This study sought an independent sample's feedback of the 32 ingredients. METHODS One(More)
BACKGROUND While stigma measurement across cultures has assumed growing importance in psychiatric epidemiology, it is unknown to what extent concepts arising from culture have been incorporated. We utilize a formulation of culture-as the everyday interactions that 'matter most' to individuals within a cultural group-to identify culturally-specific stigma(More)
1We thank Cathy Dippo, Kimberly Clark, Laura Hahn Lind, Eduardo Vega, and Susan Brennan for assistance and advice. This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under grant No. SBR-97-30140 and by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This paper reflects the opinions of the authors and not the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Wood decomposition is an important component in forest ecosystems but information about the diversity of fungi causing decay is lacking. This is especially true for the temperate rain forests in Chile. These investigations show results of a biodiversity study of white-rot fungi in wood obtained from Chiloé National Park in Los Lagos region, Chile. Culturing(More)
Hoarding Disorder (HD) is associated with substantial distress, impairment, and individual and societal costs. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) tailored to HD is the best-studied form of treatment and can be led by mental health professionals or by non-professionals (peers) with specific training. No previous study has directly compared outcomes for(More)
TheClostridium thermocellum endoglucanase A (celA) gene was expressed inS. cerevisiae in both intracellular unglycosylated and extracellular highly glycosylated form. Both enzymes were partially purified and their properties compared. High level glycosylation did not significantly influence the properties of the enzyme catalyzed reaction.