Eduardo Zungri

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The germinal cell tumor represents the most common malignancy of the testicular tissues. Benign testis tumors are exceptional, and in this situation organ preservation should be considered. The adenomatoid tumor is the most common paratesticular type with anatomic distribution limited to the epididymis, testicular membranes and rarely to the spermatic cord.(More)
Case report of a 49-year old male patient who presented with signs and symptoms in agreement with Cushing's Syndrome, the etiology of which was shown to be an ACTH-independent macronodular hyperplasia. In such cases, the therapeutical choice is bilateral adrenalectomy which was adopted by us using a posterior approach. The relevance of the clinical(More)
We report the appearance of three cases of Leydig cell tumours on MRI. This imaging method showed well-defined and peripheral intratesticular tumours displaying marked and homogeneous enhancement when contrast medium was used. This latter finding was only observed in Leydig cell tumours when they were compared in a series of 104 patients with different(More)
Between 1938 and 1985, 73 patients with ureteral tumors underwent surgery at Puigvert Foundation (1 case with bilateral synchronous tumors). Sixty-three patients were males and 10 females. Ages ranged between 49 and 78 (mean of 62) years. Tumoral stages were: pTa 5 cases; pT1 56 cases; pT2 10 cases, and pT3 2 cases. Radical treatment was performed in 38(More)
INTRODUCTION Partial nephrectomy is widely accepted as a therapeutic modality in renal cell carcinoma (RCC) in patients with single kidney, bilateral tumor or deteriorated renal function. Currently, long-term survival studies have consolidated partial nephrectomy as the treatment of choice for RCC in selected patients with normal contralateral kidney. (More)
Introduction: Spontaneous rupture of idiopathic hydrocele is unusual, as only 2 cases of this complication have been reported in the last few years. Case Report: A 26-year-old man with a previously diagnosed moderate idiopathic hydrocele went to the emergency section because of acute pain and swelling of the scrotum. Examination showed severe edema of the(More)