Eduardo Vendrell

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This paper describes the architecture of a reactive planning system for dynamic environments, which is specifically designed to deal with robot planning problems. The architecture permits many agents to work simultaneously on the same environment and it is aimed at working with incomplete information. Agents have partial knowledge about the world and data(More)
ROC Curves (Receiver Operating Characteristic) are remarkably useful in medical decision-making. Given a common measurable characteristic, with a continuous output in all the beings of a group, ROC curves determine a threshold on the values of the characteristic, which tries to predict the classification of beings into discrete classes. In the Facultad de(More)
The VirtualRobot (VRS) is a 3D graphical robot simulator. In this simulator the construction of 3D environments are based on either a graphical editor or on a script file using a set of primitives and their compositions, which are loaded and visualized by the VRS. This procedure is time consuming and requires a good acquaintance with the set of predefined(More)
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