Eduardo Vaz

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Precision-cut rat lung slices in organotypic culture placed in a biphasic air/liquid system were used for this study. This model allowed pathological as well as cellular and molecular biology investigations to be carried out. Slices were exposed to a continuous flow of diluted diesel exhaust, with a pO2 adjusted to 20% to avoid hypoxia-induced effects. The(More)
The purpose of this study was the development of a new incubation system that can allow continuous exposure of lung tissue to complex atmospheres as a tool for the assessment of aerial environmental lung toxicology. To assess the pertinence of this new exposure system, we studied the impact of diesel engine exhausts as a complex atmosphere containing both(More)
We investigate sequential tunneling through a multilevel quantum dot confining multiple electrons in the regime where several channels are available for transport within the bias window. By analyzing solutions to the master equations of the reduced density matrix, we give general conditions on when the presence of a second transport channel in the bias(More)
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