Eduardo Valencia Morales

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The columnar cactus Stenocereus stellatus is used in Central Mexico for its edible fruits which are harvested in wild, managed in situ and cultivated populations. Management in situ of wild populations is conducted by selectively sparing and enhancing the abundance of plants with desirable phenotypes when fields are cleared for agricultural use. Cultivation(More)
BACKGROUND Percutaneous cricothyroidotomy may be a life-saving procedure in cannot intubate-cannot ventilate situations. In this study we compared the insertion times of a new indicator-guided cricothyroidotomy device and a wire-guided device in mannequins. METHODS This study was a crossover trial comparing the insertion times and success rates of an(More)
A hybrid model of Genetic Algorithm (GA) with local search to discover linguistic summaries and its application into the creep data analysis is proposed in this paper. Two specifics operator and a called Diversity term in the fitness function are introduced by the model to guarantees summaries with high quality and a wide range of information respectively.(More)
Plant growth promoting bacteria and nitrogen-fixing bacteria (NFB) used for crop inoculation have important biotechnological potential as a sustainable fertilization tool. However, the main limitation of this technology is the low inoculum survival rate under field conditions. Microencapsulation of bacterial cells in polymer matrices provides a controlled(More)
This study describes the isolation of proteins from the novel lupin variety AluProt-CGNA (Lupinus luteus) and the influence of pH and NaCl on their functional properties. AluProt-CGNA variety showed to have a great protein content in dehulled seeds (60.60g protein/100g, dry matter), which is higher than soybean and other lupin varieties. A lupin protein(More)
Here we analyze herbarium records, surveys, and studies of fungal plant pathogens in tropical natural systems in order to establish a framework to study plant-pathogen interactions from a life-history perspective. We looked at how life-history traits of pathogens and their host plants affect the distribution of pathogens in different tropical habitats, and(More)
Carotenoid (astaxanthin or lycopene) emulsions obtained by high pressure homogenization were investigated for their physical, oxidative and storage stability and biological fate on an in vitro digestion model of bioaccessibility. Emulsion stability evaluated at various processing environments (20-50°C, 2-10 pH, 0-500 mM NaCl, and 0-35 days storage at 25°C)(More)
A procedure for the design of new creep resistant ferritic steels that involves a large systematic search of combinations of parameters using a neural network model, was proposed in a paper published few years ago. In the present work we study the effectiveness of the Linguistic Data Summarization technique to be used as a tool to discover a credible and(More)
Enhanced dispersion of repolarization has been proposed as an important mechanism in long QT related arrhythmias. Dispersion can be dynamic and can be augmented with the occurrence of spatially out-of-phase action potential duration (APD) alternans (discordant alternans; DA). We investigated the role of tissue heterogeneity in generating DA using a novel(More)
PURPOSE We hypothesized that a more accurate alignment of the tip of the drain tube with the upper esophageal opening would be achieved in adult patients, as confirmed by fibreoptic bronchoscopy, by placing the ProSeal laryngeal mask airway (PLMA) by means of guiding it over an Eschmann tracheal tube introducer, commonly know as a gum elastic bougie (GEB),(More)