Eduardo Segredo

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Metaheuristics is a family of approximation algorithms widely used to deal with optimisation problems. Among them, Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) are one of the most popular approaches. They usually have several components (genetic operators, selection operator, etc.) and parameters (mutation rate, crossover rate, etc.) which must be fixed. Therefore, one of(More)
Bin Packing problems are NP-hard problems with many practical applications. A variant of a Bin Packing Problem was proposed in the GECCO 2008 competition session. The best results were achieved by a mono-objective Memetic Algorithm (MA). In order to reduce the execution time, it was parallelised using an island-based model. High quality results were(More)
Premature convergence is one of the best-known drawbacks that affects the performance of evolutionary algorithms. An alternative for dealing with this problem is to explicitly try to maintain proper diversity. In this paper, a new replacement strategy that preserves useful diversity is presented. The novelty of our method is that it combines the idea of(More)