Eduardo Santos

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versões impressas dos livros [More-no2000]. As capacidades multimédia e multimodais des-tes livros podem ser exploradas para enriquecimento da experiência de leitura destas pessoas, mas também de pessoas sem necessidades especiais, ou em contextos situacionais que imponham temporariamente restrições em termos cognitivos, perceptuais e de atenção(More)
Changes in land use/land cover are a major driver of biodiversity change in the Mediterranean region. Understanding how animal populations respond to these landscape changes often requires using landscape mosaics as the unit of investigation, but few previous studies have measured both response and explanatory variables at the land mosaic level. Here, we(More)
Traditionally, a packet with errors, either due to channel noise or collisions, is discarded and needs to be retransmitted, leading to performance losses. Hybrid Automatic Retransmission reQuest (H-ARQ) and time diversity multipacket reception approaches, such as Network Diversity Multiple Access(NDMA), improve the system performance by requesting(More)
The urinary tract infections associated with catheterization are very common in hospital and home care contexts. Currently there are several recommendations for its prevention, however, when approaching the kind of solute used in the urinary meatus prior to catheterization doubts continue to persist. Thus this study aimed at determining the effectiveness of(More)
Public Software is an innovative experience originated in Brazil about government and society collaboration concerning free software ecosystems. More than just a shared software development environment, Brazilian Public Software Portal has the unique asset of gathering users, developers and service providers under the same shared platform. This paper(More)
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