Eduardo Santiesteban Alvarez

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OBJECTIVE To develop a method to place a lesion precisely in the subthalamic nucleus (STN) and evaluate its effectiveness. METHODS A retrospective study of targeting data collected during stereotactic planning to lesion the STN in 31 patients with Parkinson's disease and of results in more than 50 procedures was performed. The targeting method was based(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to analyze cartilage degeneration in knees after total medial meniscectomy, transplantation of fresh-frozen meniscus allograft, and Achilles tendon allograft. TYPE OF STUDY Experimental study. METHODS We have studied the articular cartilage in the medial compartment of the left knees in 32 sheep aged 5 to 6 months,(More)
BACKGROUND Over-expression of epidermal growth factor receptor in esophageal cancer is associated with poor prognosis. The present study was conducted to evaluate safety and preliminary efficacy of nimotuzumab, a humanized anti-EGFR antibody in combination with radiation and chemotherapy in advanced esophageal tumours. PATIENTS AND METHODS A Phase II(More)
To compare the integration of osteochondral allografts cryopreserved at different temperatures and different concentrations of dimethyl sulfoxide in an in vivo sheep animal model. Thirty-six adult sheep were randomly allocated to 6 groups of allograft osteochondral transplantation. Six osteochondral cylinders were stored for 6 weeks at −80°C; 6 at −80°C(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS This study aimed to evaluate the value of virologic tests for the diagnosis and prognosis of hepatitis C virus (HCV) vertical transmission in a large cohort of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-seronegative pregnant women. METHODOLOGY HCV RNA and viral load were tested at the first and third trimester of pregnancy as well as at time of(More)
PURPOSE To assess long-term outcomes and toxicity of adjuvant radiotherapy in the post-surgical management of patients with resected high-grade skeletal osteosarcomas. METHODS AND MATERIALS Seventy-two patients with primary resected osteosarcomas underwent adjuvant radiotherapy after neoadjuvant chemotherapy from December 1984 to December 2008. Local(More)
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