Eduardo Sávio Martins

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This paper describes our experience with SegHidro, a project that empowers hydro-meteorological researchers by (i) enabling collaborative work via the coupling of computer models, and (ii) providing access to massive grid-based computer resources. SegHidro researchers are geographically distributed and have different and sometimes complementary backgrounds.(More)
Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) are repositories of large volumes of data, documented through standardized metadata. Data mining is one of the main techniques used to extract knowledge from large amounts of data, because of its versatility. The purpose of this article is to use clustering techniques and data mining to extract relationships and knowledge(More)
Latosols are characterized by a poor differentiation of the horizons, a weak macrostructure and a strong submillimetric granular structure resulting in microaggregates 50 to 300 µm in size. The shrinkage properties of these microaggregates that are generally considered as very weak or absent are still under discussion. The objective of our study is the(More)
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