Eduardo Romero-Aguirre

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A frequency domain correlator (FDC) with low-complexity architecture is proposed. This signal processing module is part of FFT-based acquisition stage of a global position system (GPS). The FDC is based on a single reconfigurable core capable of computing both decimation in frequency radix-2 (DIF-2) fast Fourier transform (FFT) and decimation in time(More)
Channel estimation based on superimposed training (ST) has been an active research topic around the world in recent years, because it offers similar performance when compared to methods based on pilot assisted transmissions (PAT), with the advantage of a better bandwidth utilization. However, physical implementations of such estimators are still under(More)
One of the steps on circuit design is the reduction of the expression that describes design. An important tool uchieve the ubove is the maps method. This method been used for the electronic engineering It a simple graphic leads to drastic reduction not for the expression o j moderate designs. the most important this method there more than 5 design(More)
Channel estimation is a challenging problem in wireless communication systems because of users mobility and limited bandwidth. A plethora of methods based on pilot assisted transmissions (PAT) have been proposed in most practical systems to overcome this problem, but with the penalty of extra bandwidth consumption for training. Channel estimation based on(More)
This paper presents the architecture and implementation of configurable base-band transmitter for software defined radio system. The proposed architecture is capable of generating data-frames for multiple communications standards. The radio parameters can be adjusted on-the-fly: length of data frame, training scheme, transmitter rate, upsampling factor,(More)
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