Eduardo Rodríguez de Castro

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450 patients who arrived at the emergency department with abdominal pain were studied. 71% arrived without having previously consulted another doctor. The most frequent diagnosis was reno ureteral pain, non-specific pain, gastroenteritis and in geriatric patients (hernia, biliar pathology) other pathology. 69 patients with non-specific pain were followed-up(More)
INTRODUCTION Alternation of antiretroviral drug regimens has been proposed as a novel treatment strategy for HIV infection. However, some concerns persist regarding antiviral efficacy, adherence, toxicity and resistance evolution in the long term. METHODS A total of 161 antiretroviral-naive HIV-1-infected patients were randomized to receive(More)
The first reported Spanish family with autosomal dominant endosteal hyperostosis is presented and two members in two different generations studied. Neurological involvement with sensorineural hearing loss, chronic intracranial hypertension, and mild corticospinal tract abnormalities were found in one case with radiological evidence of progressive bone(More)
Whipple's disease is an uncommon systemic disease which most often affects the intestine but may involve any other organ. The case of a woman who consulted for weight loss, fever of unknown origin, cutaneous eruptions and increase in the abdominal perimeter is presented. The ascitic fluid showed exudate infected by E. coli suggesting spontaneous bacterial(More)
A case of 54-year-old male who, during the development of a pulmonary fibrosis, showed extrapulmonary autoimmune symptoms (polyarthritis and hemolytic anemia), is presented. The antinuclear antibodies and rheumatoid factor positives have been described in up to 30% of the idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, complicating the differential diagnosis with lung(More)
Diabetic nephropathy is one of the most serious complications of diabetes mellitus because of the associated mortality and morbility. The proteinuria, together with hypertension and renal function, are the clinical features. It is linked with a major prevalence of the other late complications of the disease. In recent years progress has been made in the(More)