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We demonstrate a reconfigurable engine for multipurpose spectrum sensing within the cost and power constraints of mobile devices. The analog part builds up on the Scaldio reconfigurable analog front-end [1]. The digital part is an innovative Digital Front-end for Sensing capable of performing a range of sensing algorithms [3], which has now been fully(More)
Since the introduction of the Opportunistic Spectrum Access paradigm, focus has been on the development of sensing algorithms. Many of those techniques have been verified only through simulations. A small set of the techniques has been verified using off-the-shelf hardware, with limited capabilities, and spectrum analyzers with very good performance,(More)
Word-based compression over natural language text has shown to be a good choice to trade compression ratio and speed, obtaining compression ratios close to 30% and very fast decompression. Additionally, it permits fast searches over the compressed text using Boyer-Moore type algorithms. Such compressors are based on processing fixed source symbols(More)
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