Eduardo Rapoport

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An integrated platform for the capture, transport, and detection of individual superparamagnetic microbeads is described for lab-on-a-chip biomedical applications. Magnetic domain walls in magnetic tracks have previously been shown to be capable of capturing and transporting individual beads through a fluid at high speeds. Here it is shown that the strong(More)
  • J L Robertson, S C Moss, Y Lifshitz, S R Kasi, J W Rabalais, G D Lempert +1 other
  • 1989
Diamond films ( approximately 0.7 micrometer thick) have been epitaxially grown on Si(111) substrates at room temperature with mass-selected 120-electronvolt C(+) ions. The diamond reflections observed in x-ray diffraction are well localized at their predicted positions, indicating that (i) the diamond(111) and (220) planes are parallel to the Si(111) and(More)
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