Eduardo Rafael Trentacoste

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In Mendoza, little is known about the olive germplasm, and even though there is a collection, studies about characterization and evaluation are scarce. The aims of this work were to make a morpho-agronomic characterization of the Mendoza olive collection and to identify locally adapted accessions with a good aptitude for oil production. Quantitative traits(More)
The aims of this work were to quantify (i) the effect of the source:sink ratio on stem water potential (SWP) and (ii) the phenotypic plasticity of SWP and its relationship to oil yield components in olive. Trees with a 3-fold variation in the source:sink ratio (crown volume/fruit number per tree) were monitored in 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 in a fully(More)
Conceptual models accounting for the influence of source:sink ratio on water relations of trees are theoretically relevant from a physiological perspective and practically important for irrigation scheduling. Midday stem water potential of horticultural trees often declines with increasing crop load but the actual response depends on environmental,(More)
We measured the effects of planting density (238, 317 and 476 trees ha−1), irrigation (fully irrigated control vs. deficit irrigation) and their interaction on the vegetative growth, yield and irrigation water use efficiency (IWUE) of young olive trees during three seasons. In the water deficit treatment, irrigation was applied when midday stem water(More)
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