Eduardo R. Deberaldini

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Fourteen patients with active schistosomiasis mansoni in spite of previous treatment with oxamniquine and/or hycanthone were treated with praziquantel, single oral dose of 45 to 50 mg/kg body-weight. All underwent clinical, laboratory and electrocardiographic examination before and after treatment. Untoward effects (dizziness, drowziness, nausea and(More)
Vampire bat-transmitted cattle rabies cases are typically encountered in areas where the disease is endemic. However, over the period of a month in 2009, an outbreak of cattle rabies occurred and then ended spontaneously in a small area of the Rio Grande do Sul State in southern Brazil. To investigate the epidemiological characteristics of this rabies(More)
A study was carried out to identify Leishmania species involved in skin lesions of patients from Cosmópolis and Indaiatuba, State of São Paulo, Brazil. The epidemiological data of cutaneous leishmaniasis in two cities suggested a epidemic situation in 1994. The lesions were clinically characteristic of cutaneous leishmaniasis and five out six patients(More)
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