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A 3-wk feeding trial with 240 sexed, day-old broiler chickens was conducted to determine the efficacy of microbial phytase at different levels of dietary Ca on performance and utilization of minerals in broiler chickens fed a low-P corn-soybean diet. The experimental design was a 3 x 2 factorial arrangement of treatments; Ca at 0.6, 1.0, and 1.25% and(More)
Male and female Pekin ducks selected (F2 generation) for greater breast muscle thickness (MT) and an unselected control (C) were used in this study under mixed- or separated-sex rearing. Ducks in the separated-sex program had significantly higher body weights than the birds in the mixed-sex program. The ducks selected for greater breast muscle thickness(More)
A 3-wk feeding trial with 180 sexed day-old broiler chickens was conducted to study the efficacy of microbial phytase (Natuphos 1000) on growth performance, relative retention of P, Ca, Cu, and Zn, and mineral contents of plasma and bone. Treatments involved a normal P level corn-soybean diet, a low-P diet, and a low-P plus phytase (600 phytase units/kg)(More)
The effect of microbial phytase supplementation on CP and amino acid (AA) digestibility was investigated in a 28-d trial using 360 sexed, day-old broiler chickens fed corn-soybean meal diets. The experimental design was a completely randomized one with a 3 x 2 factorial arrangement of treatments. The variables included P and Ca levels and phytase: P and Ca(More)
Ten crossbred gilts fitted with simple T-cannulas at the distal ileum were used to determine the apparent and true ileal amino acid digestibilities in five different soybean products: extruded, jetsploded, micronized, or roasted full-fat soybeans (FFSB) and soybean meal (SBM). The gilts with an average initial body weight of 36 kg were fed the different(More)
Female Pekin ducks selected for high (lean) or low (fat) breast muscle:total breast thickness ratio (MT:TOT), measured with ultrasound scanning, were used in metabolic studies to determine the metabolic differences and assess the effects of feed withdrawal and refeeding on plasma parameters. Lean and fat ducks had similar body weight changes throughout the(More)
Three experiments were conducted to determine and characterize plasma insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) concentrations in Pekin ducks. Plasma IGF-I in Pekin ducks was assayed in a heterologous radioimmunoassay for human IGF-I. When treated with acid, the response dose of duck IGF-I was parallel to that of human recombinant (r) IGF-I. The effect of line(More)
Six pairs of littermate Landrace gilts weighing 100-110 kg were randomly assigned to one of the experimental diets; 1) Low Mn: basal corn-soya diet (10 mg/kg) or 2) High Mn: basal+supplement (84 mg/kg), and maintained in individual stainless steel metabolic cages. Consumption of the semipurified diet was restricted to 2.5 kg/d with water available at all(More)
A study was conducted to evaluate the effects of diets containing 3% of either palmitic acid (Diet PA), oleic acid (Diet OA), or linoleic acid (Diet LA) on reproductive performance, fatty acid composition of egg yolk, plasma, and liver, and total plasma phosphorus of Japanese quail. Each diet was fed to 20 individually caged hens from 5 wk of age. A 24-wk(More)
Three genetic lines of broilers - a commercial line (Ross X Arbor-Acres), and lines selected for low abdominal fat (lean line), and high abdominal fat (fat line) were fed one of two isocaloric and isonitrogenous purified diets differing in total fat content (2 vs. 9%). Carcass composition (crude protein, ether-extract, ash, and total dry matter content) was(More)