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OBJECTIVES The hepatotoxic potential of statins is controversial. The objectives of this study were to describe the relative frequency of hepatotoxicity caused by statins and the phenotypes found in Spain. PATIENTS AND METHODS The incidence of hepatotoxicity attributed to statins in the Spanish Hepatotoxicity Registry (REH) were studied and compared with(More)
Software architectures are essential for robotic applications development. They organize perception and actuation capabilities in order to achieve the goals the robots for which are developed. In this paper we present the third major release of our software architecture, named BICA, that aims to be applied in a wide range of applications using the Nao(More)
In visual simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) with a single camera, the use of 3D points as a basic feature has been shown sufficient to reliably estimate the camera position and orientation. Nevertheless, the resultant maps are not clear enough for certain applications, even for a large amount of point features. We propose a novel SLAM technique that(More)
Cameras are one of the most relevant sensors in autonomous robots. However, two of their challenges are to extract useful information from captured images, and to manage the small field of view of regular cameras. This paper proposes implementing a dynamic visual memory to store the information gathered from a moving camera on board a robot, followed by an(More)
Robots must detect and keep track of relevant objects in the environment to accomplish a task. Those which are equipped with directional cameras as their main sensor have to process the images and maintain an internal representation of the detected objects. To detecting new objects and update previously detected objects, these robots move their cameras to(More)
Robots detect and keep track of relevant objects in their environment to accomplish some tasks. Many of them are equipped with mobile cameras as the main sensors, process the images and maintain an internal representation of the detected objects. We propose a novel active visual memory that moves the camera to detect objects in robot’s surroundings and(More)
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