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Litter size (LS) in sheep is determined mainly by ovulation rate (OR). Several polymorphisms have been identified in the growth differentiation factor 9 (GDF9) gene that result in an increase in OR(More)
Oocyte quality is one of the most important aspects of in vitro embryo development. Extensive epigenetic programming must occur during oocyte growth and maturation. A specific DNA methylation pattern(More)
The eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 (eIF2) binds the methionyl-initiator tRNA in a GTP-dependent mode. This complex associates with the 40 S ribosomal particle, which then, with the aid of(More)
The poly(A)-binding protein (PABP), bound to the 3' poly(A) tail of eukaryotic mRNAs, plays critical roles in mRNA translation and stability. PABP autoregulates its synthesis by binding to a(More)