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—We present a real-world testbed for research and development in vehicular networking that has been deployed successfully in the sea port of Leixões in Portugal. The testbed allows for cloud-based code deployment, remote network control and distributed data collection from moving container trucks, cranes, tow boats, patrol vessels and roadside units,(More)
BACKGROUND Vertical facial pattern may be related to the direction of pull of the masticatory muscles, yet its effect on occlusal force and elastic deformation of the mandible still is unclear. This study tested whether the variation in vertical facial pattern is related to the variation in maximum occlusal force (MOF) and medial mandibular flexure (MMF) in(More)
The aim of this study was to compare and evaluate strain distribution on dental implant, abutment, screw and crown virtual models in the posterior region. The analysis was performed by means of a 3D virtual model developed by the PRO-ENGINEER System (PRO-ENGINEER, PTC, Needham, MA, USA ) with an external butt joint (3i Implant Innovations, Palm Beach,(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the thickness of resin cements in the root thirds when using conventional fiberglass posts (CP) and relined fiberglass posts (RP) in weakened roots and to evaluate the morphological characteristics of the dentin-resin interface. Forty human maxillary anterior teeth had the crown sectioned below the cemento-enamel(More)
—This project consists in the implementation of a teleoperation system of the arms of a NAO robot using the Kinect camera from Microsoft as a way to teach the robot by demonstration of preset movements. The concept proposes an innovative method that turns possible a control with high manipulation freedom, using completely non-invasive technology, by the(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the impact of social organisation affiliation and farmers' agricultural production practices on farmer health. Organisations facilitate the acquisition and exchange of forms of social capital which can influence the adoption of practices with potential health impacts. In countries such as Ecuador, smallholder agriculture is practised(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of the following study is to evaluate the interaction between the resin materials used in immediate dentin sealing (IDS) techniques and impression materials with two different techniques to eliminate the oxygen-inhibition layer. MATERIALS AND METHODS The occlusal dentin surface of 35 human molars was exposed. The teeth were used(More)
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