Eduardo Morgado Belo

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J. of the Braz. Soc. of Mech. Sci. & Eng. Copyright © 2005 by ABCM April-June 2005, Vol. XXVII, No.2 / 97 F. D. Marques L. de F. Rodrigues de Souza D. C. Rebolho A. S. Caporali and E. M. Belo Aeroelasticity, Flight Dynamics and Control Lab Engineering School of São Carlos – USP Av. Trabalhador Sancarlense, 40
A flexible mounting system has been developed for flutter tests with rigid wings in wind tunnel. The two-degree-of-freedom flutter obtained with this experimental system can be described as the combination of structural bending and torsion vibration modes. Active control schemes for flutter suppression, using a trailing edge flap as actuator, can be tested(More)
Abstract. The flight dynamics of an aircraft can be represented through a set of 12 non-linear ordinary differential equations, which can be solved using a dimensional or non-dimensional system. This representation of the movement of an aircraft involves coupling of the motion equations, making the solution of this system quite complex and slow by(More)
Aeroelastic instabilities may occur in aircraft surfaces, leading then to failure. Flutter is an aeroelastic instability that results in a self-sustained oscillatory behaviour of the structure. A two-degree-of-freedom flutter can occur with coupling of bending and torsion modes. A flexible mount system has been developed for flutter tests in wind tunnels.(More)
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