Eduardo Moreira

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The resistance of gastrointestinal nematodes (GINs) of small ruminants to anthelmintics has required the investigation of new alternatives. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the in vivo anthelmintic activity of an aqueous extract from sisal waste (Agave sisalana) (AESW) against GINs in goats and to observe the animals for toxic effects. Thirty(More)
The sensors that acquire 3D data play an important role in many applications. In addition, they have been used in the robotic field for several purposes, for instance, enhancing the navigation of mobile robots, object detection, scene reconstruction, 3D inspection of parts and others. Moreover, a significant amount of devices with distinct cost, accuracy(More)
Nodular trombiculinosis has been reported in Brazil in chickens [Torres, S., Braga, W., 1939. Apolonia tigipioensis, g. e sp. n. (Trombiculinae) parasito de Gallus gallus dom. Chave para determinação de gêneros. Boletim da S.A.I.C. 4, 37-44] and humans [Carneiro, L.S., 1952. Uma nova acaríase humana - Contribuição ao seu estudo. Imprensa Industrial, Recife.(More)
Aim. The purpose of this study was to determine the response of circulating markers of lipid and protein oxidation following an incremental test to exhaustion before and after 4 weeks of high-intensity interval training performed in the heat. Methods. To address this question, 16 physically active men (age = 23 ± 2 years; body mass = 73 ± 12 kg; height =(More)
In this paper we propose the use of multiple Omega networks as an interconnection system for shared memory multiprocessors. This allows us to achieve a much higher bandwidth of communication, accommodating the needs of current high-performance processors, including those with multiple memory ports. We also obtain a very scalable system, by deening a(More)
The study evaluated the anthelmintic activity of aqueous extract of Zanthoxylum rhoifolium leaves in two experiments. In vitro test, cultures of goat fecal samples were treated with different concentrations of extract (134.5 to 335.0 mg.mL(-1)). In vivo test was composed of 20 sheep: G1: treated with 0.63, during four days; G2: same dose, for eight(More)
It was evaluated the anthelmintic activity of Agave sisalana (sisal) juice against gastrointestinal nematodes and its potential toxic effects in goats. In vitro tests showed more than 95% reduction in larval counts of the genus Haemonchus spp. at concentrations between 86.5 and 146.3 mg.mL(-1). In vivo the percent reduction of larvae of the fourth (L4) and(More)
This letter presents a novel architecture for evaluating the success of picking operations that are executed by industrial robots. It is formed by a cascade of machine learning algorithms (kNN and SVM) and uses information obtained by a 6 axis force/torque sensor and, if available, information from the built-in sensors of the robotic gripper. Beyond(More)
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