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This paper deals with the regulation problem of a class of irrigation canals using the Saint-Venant partial differential equations (pde). The Internal Model Boundary Control (IMBC) approach is used and the multireaches case is considered (several reaches in cascade). Perturbation theory of exponential semi-group used for control synthesis is extended here(More)
Mechanical responsiveness is essential to all biological systems down to the level of tissues and cells. The intra- and extracellular mechanics of such systems are governed by a series of proteins, such as microtubules, actin, intermediate filaments and collagen. As a general design motif, these proteins self-assemble into helical structures and(More)
Catalyst-assisted self-assembly is widespread in nature to achieve spatial control over structure formation. Reported herein is the formation of hydrogel micropatterns on catalytic surfaces. Gelator precursors react on catalytic sites to form building blocks which can self-assemble into nanofibers. The resulting structures preferentially grow where the(More)
It is now recognised that long memory and structural change can be confused because the statistical properties of times series of lengths typical of financial and econometric series are similar for both models. We propose a new set of methods aimed at distinguishing between long memory and structural change. The approach, which utilises the computational(More)