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BACKGROUND The currently licensed aluminum-hydroxide-adjuvanted hepatitis B vaccines require three doses over a 6-month period to achieve high rates of protection in adults. We compared tolerability and immunogenicity of two doses of an investigational hepatitis B vaccine using hepatitis B surface antigen adjuvanted with an immunostimulatory(More)
Bruxism occurs in nearly 60% of children between 3 and 5 years, with important repercussions to the different components of the stomatognathic system. Nevertheless, there is little information in the literature about this topic. The aim of this study was to compare two groups of children with bruxism. One group was not submitted to treatment, serving as a(More)
The key objective of OPUCE system is to enable the participation of end-users in the management of their own services, by providing them with innovative tools which allow an easy creation and delivery of personalized communication and information services. This paper describes the OPUCE service and component repository, which extends the OMA OSPE service(More)
Background. Orthostatic hypotension (OH) is an important nonmotor manifestation of Parkinson's disease (PD). Changes in cerebrovascular reactivity may contribute to this manifestation and can be monitored using transcranial Doppler. Objective. To identify possible changes in cerebrovascular reactivity in patients with OH. Methods. Twenty-two individuals(More)
Increased body weight of insulin-treated fetuses is largely attributed to increased muscle mass. Skeletal muscle from fetal rhesus monkeys was analyzed for differences in the sizes of muscle fibers from monkeys treated in utero with high or low doses of insulin and compared to control (non-insulin-treated) animals. The results indicate no significant(More)
With the emergence of Information Communication Technology (ICT), enabling end users to take part in telecom service creation is critical for telecom operators. To stimulate the production of end user-generated services, the service platform should provide adaptation and personalization mechanisms to end users. We present a user profile repository approach(More)
This study presents the process of validation of a tool that classifies patients in four levels of dependence to the nursing care delivered at a University Hospital. The research gave to participants an opportunity to analyse patients' needs, showing the instrument as an efficient tool for nursing practice.