Eduardo Mahn

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PURPOSE To meta-analyze the literature on the clinical performance of Class V restorations to assess the factors that influence retention, marginal integrity, and marginal discoloration of cervical lesions restored with composite resins, glass-ionomer-cement-based materials [glass-ionomer cement (GIC) and resin-modified glass ionomers (RMGICs)], and(More)
Increasing structural changes of weed communities are to be observed in all countries with highly developed cropping techniques. This paper deals with results of investigations concerning one main source of those changes: the application of herbicides under long-term conditions. The course of changes is characterized by distinct developmental phases(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the variability of bond strength test results of adhesive systems (AS) and to correlate the results with clinical parameters of clinical studies investigating cervical restorations. MATERIALS AND METHODS Regarding the clinical studies, the internal database which had previously been used for a meta-analysis on cervical restorations(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluated different tooth shapes from female and male genders, matching them with the firstly proposed pure basic forms, and proposed different hybrid shapes; it also evaluated the percentage of correct gender identification of lay people, dentists and dental students. MATERIALS AND METHODS Standardized digital photos were taken from(More)
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