Eduardo Machado Gonçalves

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Service-Oriented Architectures are responsible for mapping relevant business processes to the corresponding services that, together, add value to the final user. Such architectures should meet main dependability requirements – which include high availability and high reliability. The objective of this work is to describe a software infrastructure,(More)
DigitalAssets Discoverer is a tool that implements a group of indicators for automatic identification of software components that can be reused in the development of new applications and Web Services. This tool brings into light the J2EE applications portfolio developed in-house, increasing productivity and anticipating the ROI in companies. The process of(More)
Software reuse is seen as one of the main alternatives to increase productivity in the development of new applications. The reuse of legacy assets plays a vital role anticipating the ROI (Return on Investment) on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and reuse enterprise programs. This paper presents a tool that implements an Automatic Identification of(More)
The Service-Oriented Architecture is responsible to map the business processes relevant to its services that, together, add value to the final user. This architecture must meet the main dependability requirements, among them, high availability and high reliability, part of the service-based solution. The objective of this work is to develop a software(More)
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