Eduardo M. R. Oliveira

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—In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), the lifetime of a uniformly deployed WSN is impaired by the sensors that are close to the sink, by a phenomenon called energy hole problem. Those nodes are more likely to relay more packets than those that are further. This problem is strongly related to the topology induced by the deployment of nodes along the sensor(More)
The purpose of this study was to analyze the effects of an entire season on physical fitness parameters (PFPs) in male professional soccer players (N = 18). Performance in 5- and 30-m sprint (T5 and T30), countermovement jump (CMJ), agility (T-test), knee extensor (KE) and knee flexor (KF) isokinetic strength, hamstrings/quadriceps strength ratio (H/Q) and(More)
The use of topological features, more specifically, the importance of an element related to its structural position, is a subject widely studied in the literature. For instance, the theory of complex networks provides centrality measures that have been applied to a large variety of fields (e.g., social sciences and biology). In this work, we propose a new(More)
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