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The concentration of total cholesterol and that of its sterified fraction is studied in skin biopsies and blood of psoriatic patients. The results show high cholesterol levels in skin of psoriatic plaques and of healthy areas. The sterified cholesterol proportion is significantly less in plaques than in skin without lesions of the same patients, and that of(More)
41 patients with different AV stages were studied with the quantitative NAT test. In those cases where there was an inflammatory process (stages III and IV) it was positive, while in was negative. The authors consider the relation between this test and the positive Lymphoblastic Transformation Test to PA, which makes evident a coordinate action of the(More)
63 patients with Pityriasis capitis (PC) "dandruff" and Seborrheic dermatitis (SD) as well as normal controls were studied. Antigenicity was checked "in vitro" by the lymphocytic transformation test. A significant transformation in the PC to P. ovale was observed while in SD it was to Stanphyloccocus and P. ovale. In view of results the authors suggest that(More)
The inhibition factor of the leucocytic migration was studied in 26 patients with Acne Vulgaris, stages III and IV, being positive in all the cases. The LIF positive shows the mobilisation of lymphocytic population, answering an active and constant immunologic conflict. As the PA is antigenic, because it produces a blastification (TTL positive), we can say(More)