Eduardo Juárez-Carrillo

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The Delta6 and Delta5 desaturases and elongases show only very limited activity in marine fish, and little is known of the possibility of enhancing Delta6 desaturase gene expression in these fish. The use of plant oils in marine fish diets is limited by their lack of n-3 highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFA) despite an abundant content of the 18C fatty acid(More)
The distribution and abundance with respect to depth and type of substratum of 20 species of gastropods and four species of bivalves of economic importance were examined in the continental shelf of Jalisco and Colima, México. These species were taken with net trawls at depths from 24 to 83 m in August, 1988. Most individuals and species of gastropods were(More)
There is limited information on the specific effects of long-chain PUFA (LCPUFA) on neuron development and functioning. Deficiency of those essential fatty acids impairs escape and avoidance behaviour in fish, where Mauthner cells (M-cells) play a particularly important role in initiating this response. Gilthead seabream larvae fed two different LCPUFA(More)
A time-course feeding trial was conducted for 120 days on juvenile channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) to study the effects of diets differing in oil source (fish oil or soy oil) and supplementation with a commercial probiotic. Relative levels of Δ6-fatty acid desaturase (Δ6-FAD) and fatty acid elongase (FAE) expression were assessed in brain and liver(More)
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