Eduardo J. Ruiz

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We study the problem of correlating micro-blogging activity with stock-market events, defined as changes in the price and traded volume of stocks. Specifically, we collect messages related to a number of companies, and we search for correlations between stock-market events for those companies and features extracted from the micro-blogging messages. The(More)
A large number of organizations today generate and share textual descriptions of their products, services, and actions. Such collections of textual data contain significant amount of structured information, which remains buried in the unstructured text. While information extraction algorithms facilitate the extraction of structured relations, they are often(More)
Studies of patients with schizophrenia or schizophrenia spectrum disorders and general population control groups consistently show differences regarding personality dimensions. However, the profile of personality dimensions in first-degree relatives of those patients is not well understood. We used Temperament and Character Inventory to explore personality(More)
Many online services like Twitter and GNIP offer streaming programming interfaces that allow real-time information filtering based on keyword or other conditions. However, all these services specify strict access constraints, or charge a cost based on the usage. We refer to such streams as “hidden streams” to draw a parallel to the well-studied hidden Web,(More)
There is an abundance of systems today to search for relevant patents, ranging from free ones like Google Patents ( to subscription ones like Delphion ( After studying many existing systems, we found that they all apply general-purpose Information Retrieval (IR) techniques to rank patents. We argue that the quality of search(More)
BACKGROUND The aims of this study were to evaluate the prevalence of HIV and its associated demographic and clinical factors among psychiatric inpatients of a general hospital. METHODS This was a single-center, observational, cross-sectional study that included patients consecutively admitted to our unit aged 16 years or older and with no relevant(More)
INTRODUCTION Sexual life of psychiatric patients, including risk behaviors related to sexually transmitted diseases, remains a poorly studied area, especially in those with severe mental illnesses. AIMS To assess some aspects of lifetime sexual behavior of psychiatric inpatients. METHODS Patients consecutively admitted to a psychiatric unit in a general(More)
BACKGROUND Jumping to conclusions (JTC) is associated with psychotic disorder and psychotic symptoms. If JTC represents a trait, the rate should be (i) increased in people with elevated levels of psychosis proneness such as individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD), and (ii) show a degree of stability over time. METHODS The JTC rate(More)
Every day, users publish hundreds of millions of microblog postings in popular social-networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. When considered in aggregation, microblog postings have been shown to exhibit temporal patterns that reflect events of global significance. In this paper, we propose techniques to identify and quantify spatial patterns:(More)