Eduardo Hardy

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In the present study Norplant(R) and IUD acceptors who attended the same counseling sessions have been compared on their perception of the information received at the family planning clinic. The study covered 100 acceptors of each method quota matched by parity and years of schooling. Data were obtained through home interviews. The two groups presented no(More)
A qualitative study was carried out with 12 HIV-positive women to describe their feelings about motherhood, to learn whether they make plans for the care of their children, and to identify mechanisms of defence they use to face their seropositivity. Motherhood was seen as an essential attribute of women and a reason of living. Breastfeeding was considered a(More)
We formulate a new, revised and coherent understanding of the structure and dynamics of the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), and its orbit around and interaction with the Milky Way. Much of our understanding of these issues hinges on studies of the LMC line-of-sight kinematics. The observed velocity field includes contributions from the LMC rotation curve V(More)
Zehavi et al. (1998) have suggested that the Hubble flow within 70h−1 Mpc may be accelerated by the existence of a void centered on the Local Group. Its underdensity would be ∼ 20%, which would result in a local Hubble distortion of about 6.5%. We have combined the peculiar velocity data of two samples of clusters of galaxies, SCI and SCII, to investigate(More)
We look for evidence of tidal stripping in elliptical galaxies through the analysis of homogeneous CCD data corresponding to a sample of 228 elliptical galaxies belonging to 24 clusters of galaxies at 0.015 < z < 0.080. We investigate departures from the standard magnitude-isophotal size relation, as a function of environmental (cluster-centric distance,(More)
The environmental dependencies of the characteristics of spiral galaxy rotation curves are studied in this work. We use our large, homogeneously collected sample of 510 cluster spiral galaxy rotation curves to test the claim that the shape of a galaxy’s rotation curve strongly depends on its location within the cluster, and thus presumably on the strength(More)
Near infrared spectra were obtained for 117 red giants in the Fornax dwarf spheroidal galaxy with the FORS1 spectrograph on the VLT, in order to study the metallicity distribution of the stars and to lift the age-metallicity degeneracy of the red giant branch (RGB) in the color-magnitude diagram Currently at Obseratoire de Genève, ch. des Maillettes 51,(More)
We present a high quality CMD for a 36× 36 field located 8 (≃ 7 kpc) from the LMC center, as well as a precise determination of the LMC surface brightness derived from the resolved stellar population out to this large galactocentric radius. This deep CMD shows for the first time the detailed age distribution at this position, where the surface brightness is(More)