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This work presents the architecture of a data access and integration service dedicated to epidemic monitoring and execution of epidemic simulations dubbed grid integration service (GISE). GISE is a flexible service built on Globus 4 grid infrastructure. Its architecture uses mediators, wrappers and canonic data models to perform queries on geographically(More)
The proposal of new analytical techniques has guided innovative methodological developments in public health interventions. The goal of this work is show advances in the development of a large scale system for space-time visualization, monitoring, modeling and analysis of epidemic data using a Grid platform. The resulting virtual laboratory, dubbed(More)
A Trajectory Computation Infrastructure (TCI) contains three main modules: the Aircraft Performance Model (APM) that provides the aircraft performances (thrust, drag, and fuel consumption, among others), the Weather Model (WM) that provides the wind and atmospheric properties, and the Trajectory Engine (TE) that integrates the equations of motion to obtain(More)
This paper presents a service related to epidemiologic monitoring providing a database of maps, synthetics graphs, and spatial-temporal information of a particular disease enriched with demographic data and urban georeferenced structure. The proposed service is to be used for Brazilian health agencies and the involved metropolitan authorities which will(More)
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