Eduardo Fernández-Moral

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described by simple geometric features (normal vector, centroid, area, etc.). This world representation is organized as a graph where the nodes represent the planar patches and the edges connect planes that are close by. This map structure permits to efficiently select subgraphs representing the local neighborhood of observed planes, that will be compared(More)
Visual mapping is a required capability for practical autonomous mobile robots where there exists a growing industry with applications ranging from the service to industrial sectors. Prior to map building, Visual Odometry(VO) is an essential step required in the process of pose graph construction. In this work, we first propose to tackle the pose estimation(More)
— Robots are often equipped with 2D laser-rangefinders (LRFs) and cameras since they complement well to each other. In order to correctly combine measurements from both sensors, it is required to know their relative pose, that is, to solve their extrinsic calibration. In this paper we present a new approach to such problem which relies on the observations(More)
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