Eduardo Feitosa

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Attack detection Internet security Anomalous traffic a b s t r a c t This research is of the view that only tightly coordinated work among security components as we know them today including firewalls, traffic analysis modules, intrusion detection systems, antivirus remediation systems, etc., is likely to take us closer to a more effective solution against(More)
Identity management is a central point to the security of large applications such cloud services. The identity providers (IdPs) offer services that handle critical information of users. Usually, this kind of information is stored with special care in these providers and intrusions do not necessarily result in security violations. But intrusions may implant(More)
—In our previous work we designed and evaluated the feasibility of highly secure and dependable identity providers (IdPs) for the increasing requirements of future IT infrastruc-tures. In this position paper we extend our previous work by analyzing and discussing the benefits of deploying highly secure and dependable identity providers-as-a-service(More)
We propose a resilience architecture for improving the security and dependability of authentication and authorization infrastructures, in particular the ones based on RADIUS and OpenID. This architecture employs intrusion-tolerant replication, trusted components and entrusted gateways to provide survivable services ensuring compatibility with standard(More)
We introduce a set of tools and techniques for increasing the resilience and trustworthiness of identity providers (IdPs) based on OpenID. To this purpose we propose an architecture of specialized components capable of fulfilling the essential requirements for ensuring high availability, integrity and higher confidentiality guarantees for sensitive data and(More)
A simple examination of Internet traffic shows a wide mix of relevant and unwanted traffic. The latter is becoming increasingly harmful to network performance and service availability , while often consuming precious network and processing resources. Coordinated attacks, such as distributed denial-of-services (DDoS), large-scale scans, and worm outbreaks ,(More)
Global Domain Name System (DNS) traffic provides a unique perspective on domain names usage by both legitimate users and suspicious applications. Beyond conventional DNS analysis queries and responses altogether, in this paper we investigate domain name queries to identify suspicious network traffic country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) authoritative(More)