Eduardo F. Martinez

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We have found a direct relationship between protein production in Pichia pastoris and the number of introduced synthetic genes of miniproinsulin (MPI), fused to the Saccharomyces cerevisiae pre-pro alpha factor used as secretion signal, and inserted between the alcohol oxidase 1 (AOX1) promoter and terminator sequences. Two consecutive approaches were(More)
Increased expression of recombinant mini-proinsulin in Pichia pastoris in 2.5 l bioreactors was achieved by increasing the cultivation pH from 5.1 to 6.3, by decreasing the temperature from 28 to 22 degrees C, and by periodical addition of ammonium sulfate and EDTA to the culture broth. Using this procedure, mini-proinsulin reached nearly 0.3 g l(-1) in the(More)
3-Aryl-3-fluorooxindoles can be efficiently synthesized in two steps by the addition of an aryl Grignard to an isatin, followed by treatment with DAST. Oxindole 1 (BMS-204352; MaxiPost) can be isolated using chiral HPLC or prepared by employing chiral resolution. Cloned maxi-K channels are opened by 1, which demonstrates a brain/plasma ratio >9 in rats.
I would like to comment about Heberkinasa (recombinant streptokinase): one of the preparations included in the article written by Dr Hermentin et al. 1 The quality control system of the Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology has been successfully evaluated by the World Health Organization and another International Regulatory Organizations. The(More)
Two new oleanane-type triterpenes, characterized as 3-oxo-11alpha,12alpha-epoxy-oleanan-28,13beta-olide and 3-oxo-olean-11-en-28,13beta-olide , were isolated from the fruits and seeds of Cedrela montana (Meliaceae). In addition, the known compounds oleanonic acid, a mixture of beta-sitosterol and stigmasterol, and the limonoid photogedunin were also(More)
Mabs against HBsAg have been used for structural analyses, development of diagnostic tests, and for antigen immunopurification. Resultant products obtained from current methods of genetic recombination demand reference materials to test their potency, identity, purity, and the biological and immunological specific activity corresponding to their(More)
The importance of somatotropin as a growth promoting agent and immune-stimulator has long been recognized and its potential application in the fish farming industry has been an active research area. In the work reported here, we sought to improve the stability of a previously obtained truncated somatotropin by applying a 60 °C heat shock to the culture(More)
Using immunosorbents based upon cyanogen bromide-Sepharose CL-4B, we have examined different ligand densities in coupling of monoclonal antibody (MAb) to find the best performance, for recombinant hepatitis B surface antigen (rHBsAg) purification. Three replicates of 5 and 15 cycles of densities ranges: 2.17-2.19, 3.18-3.62, 4.06-4.17, and 5.13-5.40 mg/ml(More)
BACKGROUND This research analyses the environmental impact of the creation of Agaricus bisporus compost packages. The composting process is the intermediate stage of the mushroom production process, subsequent to the mycelium cultivation stage and prior to the fruiting bodies cultivation stage. RESULTS A full life cycle assessment model of the Agaricus(More)
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