Eduardo Duniec

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This study examined the influence of different levels of feedback and of other situational and buffering variables on the psychological effects of ultrasound examinations of 211 pregnant women. The patients were randomly assigned to two different experimental conditions: high feedback and low feedback. The subjects' levels of anxiety (both trait- and(More)
Anxiety levels were measured before and after ultrasound examination in 183 women who underwent the procedure as part of their routine prenatal care. Women were classified according to their preferred mode of information gathering, their amount of available cognitive resources and predetermined feedback conditions. The results indicated significant(More)
In 1951 John Bowlby, British psychoanalyst and child psychiatrist, published his now famous report, Maternal Care and Mental Health, commissioned by the World Health Organization. In this report, Bowlby coined the term 'maternal deprivation', which quickly permeated into Western psychiatry and psychology. The implications of Bowlby's writings, while widely(More)
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