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We propose and study a numerical method for time discretiza-tion of linear and semilinear integro-partial differential equations that are intermediate between diffusion and wave equations, or are subdiffusive. The method uses convolution quadrature based on the second-order backward differentiation formula. Second-order error bounds of the time(More)
A generalization of the linear fractional integral equation u(t) = u 0 + ∂ −α Au(t), 1 < α < 2, which is written as a Volterra matrix–valued equation when applied as a pixel–by–pixel technique, has been proposed for image denoising (restoration, smoothing,...). Since the fractional integral equation interpolates a linear parabolic equation and a hyper-bolic(More)
This paper describes the design, development and evaluation tests of an integrated force sensor prototype for portable Coordinate Measuring Arms (CMAs or AACMMs). The development is based on the use of strain gauges located on the surface of the CMAs' hard probe. The strain gauges as well as their cables and connectors have been protected with a custom(More)
A study of the operator contact force influence on the performance of Articulated Arm Coordinate Measuring Machines (AACMMs) is presented in this paper. After developing a sensor capable of measuring the contact force applied by an operator, a ring gauge has been used to analyse the relationship between the contact force and diameter and form errors(More)
Laser triangulation systems (LTS) are one of the most popular non-contact inspection techniques. These systems are widely used in reverse engineering tasks as they allow for a fast acquisition of thousands of points that represent the geometry of the part in a virtual 3D model. The accuracy and repeatability of these systems are lower than the traditional(More)