Eduardo Costa de Figueiredo

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A two-phase liquid phase microextraction using a hollow fiber combined with injection port derivatization and gas chromatographic analysis was developed for extracting and detecting fluoxetine (FLU) and norfluoxetine (NOR) in human plasma. Simultaneous extraction in a multiple tube shaker was used and, afterward, the organic phase was simply injected(More)
An autosampler/injector commutator for flow injection analysis (FIA) was constructed with electronic components of used equipments. The apparatus is controlled by commercially available multifunctional interface (PCL711B) connected to a personal computer, and the software was written in Visual Basic language. The system was applied to water analysis and it(More)
Donepezil is a drug administered for Alzheimer's disease treatment, and it is a potential template molecule for imprinted microparticles. The precipitation polymerization technique allows the synthesis of spherical imprinted microparticles, and the intermolecular interactions among drug and molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) play a promising role for(More)
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