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BACKGROUND Fractures of the proximal radius need to be classified in an appropriate and reproducible manner. The aim of this study was to assess the reliability of the three most widely used classification systems. METHODS Elbow radiographs images of patients with proximal radius fractures were classified according to Mason, Morrey, and(More)
Travel on Virtual Environments is the simple action where a user moves from a starting point A to a target point B. Choosing an incorrect type of technique could compromise the Virtual Reality experience and cause side effects such as spatial disorientation, fatigue and cybersickness. The design of effective travelling techniques demands to be as natural as(More)
Selecting objects outside user’s arm-reach in Virtual Reality still poses significant challenges. Techniques proposed to overcome such limitations often follow arm-extension metaphors or favor the use of selection volumes combined with ray-casting. Nonetheless, these approaches work for room sized and sparse environments, and they do not scale to larger(More)
In interactive systems, the ability to select virtual objects is essential. In immersive virtual environments, object selection is usually done at arm’s length in mid-air by directly intersecting the desired object with the user’s hand. However, selecting objects outside user’s arm-reach still poses significant challenges, which direct approaches fail to(More)
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