Eduardo Castro-Sierra

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To evaluate clinical evolution of pediatric patients diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) at Hospital Infantil de México Federico Gómez. Cases of patients treated from January to May, 2007, were included in this study. Variables analyzed were: age, diagnosis, size of tumor, histopathological description, degree of resection, time of stay in(More)
At the gene locus for liver alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) of the Japanese quail, three alleles which give electrophoretic variants, A, B, and C, exist. This enzyme is autosomally inherited. Allelic polymorphism was not observed in the chicken, but the wild-type ADH of the chicken can readily be distinguished from A, B, and C of the quail by starch gel(More)
More than 10 years ago, the goal of our work had been to obtain a tissue sample of infiltrating lesions of the brainstem that had been diagnosed using computerized axial tomography (CAT). At that time, biopsies were believed to be indispensable when starting treatment of tumors. With time our objectives changed. Biopsies remained necessary, since until 1(More)
OBJECTIVE The goals of this population genetics study were to describe mtDNA haplogroups and ABO and Rh blood group systems of 3 Native Mexican populations, to determine their genetic variability, and to compare their haplogroups with those of 13 Native Mexican populations previously reported. MATERIAL AND METHODS The three communities under analysis were(More)
The first neuroanatomy text published on the American continent was included in the Tractado de Anothomia y Chirugia by Fr. Agustín Farfán, O.S.A., who received his M.D. in 1569 from the Royal and Pontifical University of Mexico. It was printed in 1579 by Antonio Ricardo, a Piedmontese who had settled in Mexico City, capital of New Spain. This text(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small sequences of nucleotides that regulate posttranscriptionally gene expression. In recent years they have been recognized as very important general regulators of proliferation, differentiation, adhesion, cell death, and others. In some cases, the characteristic presence of miRNAs reflects some of the cellular pathways that may be(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare performance of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders-combined (ADHD-C) type with control children in multi-source interference task (MSIT) evaluated by means of error related negativity (ERN). METHOD We studied 12 children with ADHD-C type with a median age of 7 years, control children were age- and gender-matched.(More)
Holoprosencephaly with cyclocephaly is an early disturbance of organogenesis and has been classified as a severe brain malformation starting in 1755 by Eller in Germany, then in 1822 by Etienne Geoffroy de Saint-Hilaire in France, and finally in 1828 by Tiedemann in Germany. In 1839, Dr. Arellano published in Mexico a necropsy case of holoprosencephaly.(More)