Eduardo Carrillo

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The present paper describes the main characteristics and components of a tool developed for integrating the definition of profiles for semantic Web services. This tool is based on the languages DAML-S and OWL-S. It includes the ontology visualization and consistency verification which specifies the concepts that a Web service interacts with. Starting from a(More)
Nowadays there are vocabularies or languages that describe concepts and structures of data related to traffic, but the description is just syntactic, not semantic. No vocabularies or ontologies with semantic value that give significance to concepts and their relations were found (at least up to where the search and bibliographic revision of this work took(More)
This paper studies the possibility of classifying coffee beans by using their features of color, shape and size. The process of acquiring the images were done in controlled lighting conditions. Based on segmented images, color, shape and size provide information about the physical alteration in green coffee beans, during the growing and drying process that(More)
In Colombia doesn't exist a digital exchange standard for financial information, the problem arises when the information is reported before regulation entities that asks enterprises for this information in different formats hardening their consolidation. This work describes the process developed by the Research Group Prisma from UNAB in concordance with his(More)
This paper describes the main contributions in relation with the develop of an XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language) taxonomy proposed by the PRISMA research group at University UNAB. This taxonomy has been developed for public institutions in Colombia. This taxonomy is based on the information exchange of financial information. It is also described(More)
This paper describes the main characteristics of an algorithm for matching Semantic Web Services. The algorithm takes advantage of the capacities provided by ontologies that describe services and constitutes an improvement when compared to existing proposals. In addition, the main elements related with the implementation are also described. The system(More)
Research Project done to find out about the existing connection between knowledge and attitude towards sexuality by using ICT strategies in adolescents from 14 to 16 years old attending two public high schools with the objective of increasing the possibilities of offering teenagers with better tools to prevent unintended pregnancy and therefore promote(More)
One of the objectives of the Smart Cities is the efficient and sustainable use of transport infrastructures. Sustainability is understood as the application of new technologies to minimize the loss of time and energy, and at the same time, to improve the satisfaction of citizens. Achieving this objective calls for making use of the mobility data collected(More)
Melanism in jaguars Panthera onca is rarely reported quantitatively, despite the suggestion that it appears to be more common than for any other large cats. Using camera traps in Parque Nacional Barbilla, Costa Rica, we obtained videos of more than 2 black and more than 3 yellow jaguars during April 2013-January 2014. One previous record of a black jaguar(More)