Eduardo Aguirre

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Breast cancer is a burden for western societies, and an increasing one in emerging economies, because of its high incidence and enormous psychological, social, sanitary and economic costs. However, breast cancer is a preventable disease in a significant proportion. Recent developments in the armamentarium of effective drugs for breast cancer prevention(More)
Information security is always a main concern of an organization. It is always a challenging job to design a precise Intrusion detection system(IDS) which will detect the intrusions. Intrusion detection systems are broadly classified as host based (HIDS) and network based intrusion detection systems (NIDS). In this paper a comparative study is done on(More)
We report on the phase transition of finding a complete subgraph, of specified dimensions, in a bipartite graph. Finding a complete subgraph in a bipartite graph is a problem that has growing attention in several domains, including bioinformatics, social network analysis and domain clustering. A key step for a successful phase transition study is(More)
We report on a study towards understanding the phase transition of an NP-complete problem, called Social Group Commonality (SGC). SGC is about finding commonality amongst the use of a set of objects by a given collection of agents; e.g., it is determining all the friends that have in common a given collection of Facebook users. In particular, our aim here(More)
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