Eduarda Mendes

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Traces of activity left by social media users can shed light on individual behavior, social relationships, and community efficacy. Tools and processes to analyze social traces are essential for enabling practitioners to study and nurture meaningful and sustainable social interaction. Yet such tools and processes remain in their infancy. We conducted a study(More)
Standard Web graph representation fails to capture topic association and functional groupings of links and their occurrence across pages in the site. That limits its applicability and usefulness. In this paper we introduce a novel method for representing hypertext organization of Web sites in the form of Link Structure Graphs (LSGs). The LSG captures both(More)
The synthesis, molecular modeling, and pharmacological analysis of phenoxyalkylamino-4-phenylnicotinates (2-7), phenoxyalkoxybenzylidenemalononitriles (12, 13), pyridonepezils (14-18), and quinolinodonepezils (19-21) are described. Pyridonepezils 15-18 were found to be selective and moderately potent regarding the inhibition of hAChE, whereas(More)
A range of triazene derivatives were synthesized and investigated as prodrug candidates for melanocyte-directed enzyme prodrug therapy (MDEPT). The prodrugs contained a tyramine or dopamine promoiety required for tyrosinase activation and this was joined via a urea functional group to the cytotoxic triazene. The stability of each of the prodrugs in(More)
BACKGROUND A guanine-rich strand within the promoter of the KRAS gene can fold into an intra-molecular G-quadruplex structure (G4), which has an important role in the regulation of KRAS transcription. We have previously identified indolo[3,2-b]quinolines with a 7-carboxylate group and three alkylamine side chains (IQ3A) as effective G4 stabilizers and(More)
Resumo Redes sociais na internet apresentam-se como fontes de informação valiosas, no que diz respeito aos seus utilizadores e aos seus respectivos interesses. Tal informação tem sido sujeita a vários Abstract Online social networks present themselves as valuable information sources about their users and their respective interests. Such information has been(More)
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