Eduard Zinger

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Inositol uptake was measured at concentrations of 25, 40 and 50 microM in human astrocytoma cell cultures treated for 1-3 weeks with pharmacologically relevant concentrations of LiCl, valproic acid or carbamazepine as well as in control cultures that had not been treated with any drug. After at least 2 weeks of treatment, each of these 3 conventional(More)
Massive galaxies in the young Universe, ten billion years ago, formed stars at surprising intensities. Although this is commonly attributed to violent mergers, the properties of many of these galaxies are incompatible with such events, showing gas-rich, clumpy, extended rotating disks not dominated by spheroids. Cosmological simulations and clustering(More)
Intracellular compartmentation of inositol was demonstrated in primary cultures of mouse astrocytes, incubated in isotonic medium, by determination of efflux kinetics after "loading" with [3H]inositol. Three kinetically different compartments were delineated. The largest and most slowly exchanging compartment had a halflife of approximately 9 hr. This slow(More)
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